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APAFRI members enjoy many benefits, the followings are the most tangible and direct:

  • Opportunities to participate with full or partial support in conferences, workshops, meetings and training programmes organized by the Association, or member institution of the association in this region

  • Financial and in-kind contributions from the Secretariat to events organized by member institutions: the Secretariat has adopted a tradition of providing financial support of up to US$ 3000 per event organized by a member institution. This financial contribution, however, shall be restricted for supporting the participation of staff members of member institutions to the event. The Secretariat would also provide in-kind contribution in compiling, editing and publishing of proceedings, either in print or in electronic media
  • One free copy of all publications of the Association will be mailed to each member’s postal address free of charge

APAFRI membership is open to all institutions in the Asia-Pacific Region actively engaged in forestry or forest-related research. Member institution shall nominate official representative to be the contact person to facilitate communication from the Secretariat, and also as the delegate to the once-in-three-year General Assembly.

APAFRI also welcome individuals to join as non-voting individual members.

APAFRI annual membership fee is very small compared to the benefits that the members can enjoy:


Category I

Institutions in developed countries

US$ 1000

US$ 100

Category II

Institutions in developing countries

US$ 250

US$ 25

Category III

Institutions in least developed countries or Countries in transition

US$ 50

US$ 5

The fee for non-voting individual member is only 10% of that for the individual’s country of residence. For example, the fee for a staff member of an institution in a developing country (Category II) is only US$25 per year!

The Constitution states that members whose dues are not paid for more than 12 months are deemed to be in default and shall not enjoy the membership benefit until the subscription is fully paid.

However, the Secretariat has been very lenient in applying this rule. For example, we continue to send out free copies of our publications to institutions which had not paid subscriptions for many years. Likewise staff members of these defaulted members have never been denied travel support unless budgetary constraint dictated otherwise.









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